How to Book

Follow the few easy steps to book

Bonafide Nordic are since 2003 offering travel agents and tour operators a one stop shop for all sports and music events worldwide.


Choose your Event type: league or team or event category from the alternatives from the list in the lefthand column. Alternatively scroll down and use the “Find your Event” tool


A list with events will be shown: choose your team in the right menu or choose your match/concert/event in the list. There will be three alternatives:

  • 1. SEE PRICE to see which choices each event package can offer
  • 2. PRICE , if you see a fixed amount it means that we have our own allotment at fixed rates available, inside you will find more choices and alternatives as well.
  • 3. ON REQUEST we ill revert with a proposal for this event


Ass soon as you choose SEE PRICE the system searches for package price for minimum 2 people in shared double room and cheapest possible price is shown in GREEN FIELD. Price is always per person.

(If clicking on PRICE you will see price based on fixed allotment and also can search among other non-allotment alternatives as per below description)

Then you can choose number of people, room types, hotel star and search for price. Price shown in the list of hotels will be TOTAL AMOUNT for each hotel with chosen number of people, nights and rooming.

TICKET. The cheapest ticket is always included in the price. Possibility to upgrade tickets shown by extra charge for each upgrade. Choose your ticket category.


Insert Names and finalize the booking.


You can retrieve bookings you made.