Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions as per 19 of January 2016 subject to change at any time and without prior notice

Bonafide Terms and conditions

  • Agreement of purchase is binding for both parties when price and availability has been confirmed.
  • Deposit , the deposit is always ,except where other information has been specifically given, 100% of the package price. The Deposit is non-refundable. The deposit must be paid no later than 7 days from the date of reservation, if the full amount has not reached Bonafide within the stipulated period Bonafide has the right to void the reservation.
  • Payment of balance in the case of a remaining balance the payment shall be at Bonafide disposal no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Failure to comply gives Bonafide the right to anull the agreement without any refund of the deposit.
  • Bonafide can unilaterally change any of the terms & conditions stipulated without prior notice.
  • Cancellation If nothing else has been agreed or stipulated for a special event all purchases are final and non refundable regardless of reason for cancellation.
  • Changes of Event date: Bonafide cannot take any responsibility whatsoever as a result of any change/omissions in the event or the program or failure of the main event to take place as advertised. Our responsibility is to provide you with the accommodation and ticket for the Event/Concert/Show as advertised by the promoter, nor can we be responsible for any expenses incurred by yourself as a result of the Concert/Event/Show being cancelled by any party other than by Bonafide. Bonafide will try to accommodate the package at the new date however if additional costs occur due to a change in dates Bonafide is not is liable to cover the the difference/ extra costs.
  • Cancelled Events: Should the Concert or Event be cancelled by the promoter/ artist/performers, the Trip/Tour/Event you have booked will still be scheduled to proceed. You will however, be entitled to a refund in respect to the Concert/Event Ticket. The refund of the ticket will be equal to the price printed on the ticket and subject for collection from the venue in question by the ticket holder.
  • Should the event be inaccessable due to intervention by authorities or any other similar reason Bonafide will assume no liability nor pay refunds.
  • Dress code/Behaviour It is the responsability of the contracted retailer to clearly inform the end consumer that wearing club colors might result in entrance being denied.Misconduct in behaviour can also result in denied admittance. Bonafide assumes no liability for failure in compliance with the above.
  • In exceptional cases the package chosen or part thereof may have been sold out while the order was being processed. In such cases an alternative at an alternate rate will be offered for consideration by the client.
  • Bonafide is not representing any club/ promoter or official ticketagency. The tickets in our packages are purchased at marketrates which does not reflect the printed price of the ticket.
  • Complaints must be in writing and sent to Bonafide no later than 15days after the event in question. Non compliance to this timelimit will result in rejection of all claims made.
  • Printing and writing errors, Bonafide will assume no responsability for errors in printing and writing in the presentation of our products and their prices.
  • We do not guarantee that seating will be next to each other. We will do our best to make you seat either together or as close as it possible.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Bonafide is entitled to add a surcharge as compensation against any unforseen and uncontrolable change in event pricing upto 30 days prior to the event date